I love Themes. My own horses are color coded. They do not share tack or brushes and such. Each horse has it's own colored items. Same with my dogs. When I raced sled dogs all of my black Labrador Retriever looked alike to the untrained eye. But each of their orange backpacks had their own colored straps that matched their collars. When I races my Black Labrador Retrievers and or White Siberian Huskies. Each Neon Pink Harness with Purple Padding had a color coded loop in the rear. I had coats to match the colors as well as my dog bag on the sled or rig.

If you will be running more then one dog, it is fun, and people get to know you with a theme. One idea of a theme might be to have all of your dog's riders matching with a color theme saddles, make them stand out from the rest or the competitors or maybe something as simple as each of your dog's saddle riders have a bright colored bandanna or the like. Or maybe each of your dog's has an Orange Teddy Bear with a Blue Cowboy Hat, something that stands out from the rest.

There also might be an event that has or hosts a theme, like a St. Pat's Day Barrel Race. You might want to wear green and have your dog in something green that day. Or it might be an event at a College or High School, you might use the school colors for that event.

Even if you only have one dog at the event, have fun with it's appearance. Nothing that would distract the dog from running a "go round" well, but something you might come up with so that others get to know you and your dog(s) as "Oh, you have the dog(s) that wear......" I can not tell you how many times I heard "Oh you are the gal with the Black Labs (or White Siberian Huskies) in the bright Pink harnesses." It is a real ice breaker to meet new people that have much in common with you.

The contents of this page for Themes is still under construction. Please check back later!


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-- The Barrel Racing Dogs Team
Mon, 04 Oct 2010 16:57:05 -0400

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