What To Take To Competition

Any time you take your dog out, and especially to a training event or competition there are a few things you should take with you.

Of course you would always load up your dogs leash, water and treats, but to an event you will also need a crate, and a chair for your self. You will also need to remember your dogs favorite toys and or treats. You might want to take a treat bag that hangs from your waist.

Be sure, on a cool day to take your jacket to an outdoor event. You might also want to take a thermos of hot cocoa, or coffee. If you will be there all day, you might want to carry a snack for yourself or even a packed lunch. It is always a good idea to have a blanket in your vehicle or at least a towel. Dogs have a way of getting into things that you do not want on the seats of your vehicle, even if you watch them closely. Some times when you least expect it, you dog will get car sick of eat something that upsets their stomachs. Always be prepared to clean up what might come out of either end of you dogs.

If you own a female dog and she is in heat it is better you keep her at home. But if everyone has convinced you to come on out and practice and or train your dog with them, at least take some vapro rub, to rub on her tail area, and some panties for her to wear.

The Doggy Diaper Bag

As a musher we carried our dog items in our sled bags. All the harnesses, tug lines, water, water bowls, proof of vaccination, copies of AKC papers, a bit of cash and the like.

When my dogs were competing at Frisbie I made a zippered tote bag that held my dogs water, it had pockets for two frisbies, one to play with, one to drink from. It had pockets for my paper work, proof of vaccination, copies of AKC papers, copies of the rules, a few bucks (money). I carried a towel, extra leash and collar, treats and more treats, and I am sure a few items I have forgotten.

For any dog event or competition there are items you should always carry with you. A small towel can be used for so many thing. Mostly to wipe off paws if muddy before loading dogs into your vehicle or their crate. It could also be used, wet or dry, to clean a dog that found something to roll in.

An extra leash and collar come in handy now and again, not only for your own dogs but you might help someone else out. Of course you carry water for your dog and some way to drink it. Most dogs need a bowl. If you are using a frisbie for your dog to drink out of, do not throw it for your dog to catch or chase, it could get a tooth hole in it and then be useless for a water bowl. Carry a few of your dogs favorite treats and if you will be gone for the day or longer, carry some of your dogs food.

When going to a competition take all your dogs important papers, as well as copies of them. Some clubs and or event hosts ask to keep your dogs paperwork with their event papers.

If you put all these items in a tote bag, one that shuts tight is best, keep it packed all but food and water, you will only need to grab it on the way out the door.


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